How to Prepare the Room for an Escort Experience

Meeting an escort on an incall service does not require any room arrangements as you will be visiting the escort at her place or office. But if it is an outcall service, you will either have to call the Birmingham escort at your place or to a hotel room where you can be safe and discreet. The ambience of the place also helps in improving the mood of romance. It will help you relax and enjoy each other’s company. Here are the tips to prepare your room for a memorable escort experience.


The lighting of the room will help in setting the mood right. Bright lighting is not a good idea to indulge sexually as it will be too direct and will not as effective as the dim lighting. Choose from the soft lights which can add to the texture of the place and make it seem like a romantic den instead of a bright operating theatre. Candlelight is also a preferable choice for a more romantic experience.


Make sure to keep the bath clean and ready for your escort to use before and after your time. They might even ask you to take a fresh bath to make sure you have healthy and clean sex. Keep plenty of clean towels to clean yourself up without having to share the same towel.


Keep a sweet romantic playlist ready for your date before she arrives. You can choose from jazz to lo-fi depending upon which helps you relax more. Since it is a date, more soothing music will complement the occasion much more than loud party music. It will also impress your escort for the choice of your music and make her more comfortable to open up in front of you.

Fresh sheets

Use fresh sheets and pillow covers on the bed rather than sticking with the daily use sheets. Fresh and clean sheets will give you a much cosy and relaxed experience. A neat and tidy bed is always appreciated by the escorts as they face many clients who keep their bedroom is the worst conditions.

Art pieces

If you are an artist and have a good art collection, you can showcase some of your masterpieces as well. The escorts like men who have some kind of hobby which they are proud of. They may also share the same interest as you and your artwork can be the ice breaker between you both.

Snacks and beverages

A bottle of champagne and a bouquet of fresh flowers is a great gift to welcome your date. You both can enjoy the drinks together while you are talking. It will also help in elevating your mood as you start to get more comfortable with each other. Offer her flowers as a compliment for her beauty, and she will, in turn, make your evening memorable.

How to Prepare the Room for an Escort Experience
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