How to Cancel an Escort Appointment

The worst thing that an escort can expect from their client is not showing up for the booking. It takes efforts to get ready and arrive at the venue and then finding out that the expected person is not showing up can trigger any normal person. Usually, the clients book an escort service when they are completely free and can stressfree enjoy the time with a beautiful woman. But sometimes clients can get stuck in some situation which can prohibit them from meeting their escort. Even though cancelling a meeting is a loss for the escorts, they will appreciate if you let them know at the earliest so they can try booking for another client. Here is how you can cancel an appointment without breaking the protocol.

Be honest

Escorts have heard all kinds of excuses for cancelling a booking. You cannot outwit them with a new excuse. Instead of looking for a reason to escape the trouble, you can simply be honest about cancelling the booking. No matter what the reason is, when you are honest about it, you do not have to stress about it at all because you are telling the truth. The escort will appreciate your honest even if you cancel the booking, rather the lame excuses or completely not hearing from you.

Tell in advance

Try to alert your escort as soon as possible about cancelling the meeting. It can help the escort to fill the time with another client. It is a waste of their work time if you do not inform them at the earliest. If you have been planning to not go from a week, it is suggested that you make your decision fast and let your escort know so that she does not face the loss of income.

Do not ask for the booking fee

Many escort services ask for the booking fee at the time you book an escort. Some may charge only a minimum amount while others may ask for half of the price at the time of booking. If you are planning to cancel the plan, it is considered a nice gesture of apology to let the escort keep the booking fee. It will offer them respect for their efforts and also help in gaining their trust. You will have higher chances that the escort will be okay in booking some other day with you.


If you had a true reason for not meeting the client, you would want to book another date. Once you clear out your reason for cancelling, you can ask if you can reschedule the meeting to some other day. Choose a time properly this time as you do not want to cancel the second time. If you are booking a new escort and keep cancelling the bookings, the escort may suspect it as someone who is playing games and reject all your future booking requests.

How to Cancel an Escort Appointment
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