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During the past hundred years plastic surgery underwent a huge development. Specialising and working with other disciplines, surgery made facial reconstructions possible by patients with mutilated faces.
Operations on wounded soldiers of the Great War and patients suffering from cancer, brought about many new insights in the field of reconstructive surgery.
Deformations of the face after massive wounds, mutilations and tumours can be successfully operated on in certain ways. Besides restoring the functions of the patients, is a return to a normal, indistinct face, the goal to give patients a desired ‘normal’ role in society.
During the years reconstructive surgery moved from restoring functions and form towards a wishful medicine: breast augmentation, liposuction etc., are being used to give a person the desired, cultural approved appearance. It is normal to cut into breasts and the buttocks, but abnormal to show the persons physical ‘shortcomings’. So, one may wonder: what is ‘normal’ nowadays?

Maxillofaciale prothetiek no 1 'zygoma'

Pencil, acrylic on cotton, 2013     ©Dirk Fennema

Pencil, acrylic on cotton, 2013 ©Dirk Fennema

160 x 180 cm acrylic, pencil on cotton 2014

Maxillofaciale prothetiek no 2 'Agony'

'Agony' 70 x 90 cm Pencil, acrylic, oil pastel, paper. 2014

Maxillofaciale prothetiek no 3 'Necrosis'

90 x 120 cm pencil, acrylic, oil, gold, paper, fineer 2015

Maxillofacial prothetiek no 4

pencil, acrylic on cotton 130 x 180 2016

Maxillofaciale prothetiek no5

pencil, acrylic wax on linnen 130 x 175 cm 2016

Maxillofaciale prothetiek no6

wood, plaster acrylic
work in progress